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Launched in 2012 and backed by Adobe and private investors, Convo, a product of Scrybe, serves over 5,000 companies across 156 countries, where business professionals are launching products, breaking news stories or creating cutting-edge campaigns. Customers move faster because they reduce the need to jump in and out of email, first generation social networks and different applications to complete their work.

Convo is headquartered in San Francisco, CA

Who uses Convo?

Cutting edge tech firms, news publishing houses, ad agencies, designers and fast moving teams around the globe where visuals, links and content, and the conversations around them, are critical to getting to market.

Why they use Convo?

  • Insane engagement - some organizations are now seeing over 95% adoption rate and over 4000 posts a day, Convo is helping teams move their business faster.
  • Reduced friction - Convo eliminates the jumping in and out of apps, email and first generation social enterprise tools giving teams an 'all-in-one' digital collaboration workspace so teams never lose track of the conversation.
  • On target, In context Visual Conversation - Convo richly supports over 33 file types with high-resolution images with tightly correlated commentary.
  • The best digital collaboration workspace for globally, distributed teams – on 24x7, teams around the globe know where to pick up when someone else logs off never losing site of the work. Bottom line: less is lost in translation, less time is spent waiting to figure out where work was left off.

  • The Organizer

    The company has previously released Scrybe Organizer, a calendaring and personal productivity suite. It was the first ever web app, that worked offline too.

    Here are some of the press mentions:
    TechCrunch, CNET Review & CNET Reviews, InfoWorld, ZDNet & New York Times

    The calendaring product is no longer under active development; however, existing users continue to use it.

    Founded by Faizan Buzdar, Scrybe is an Adobe Systems Inc. & Asian Tech Corp funded Technology Company.

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    Contact us at: queries@iscrybe.com

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    Scrybe Inc. 225 Bush Street, Floor 12, San Francisco, CA 94104, Call us at: 1 888 96 CONVO.